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Where creative imaginations meet trending apparel and industry leading printing. 

Welcome to Fits You, conveniently located near I-95 in sunny Jupiter, FL. Here, our professionals know that it's often hard to purchase shirts from companies that require staggering minimums and set up fees. This is why we have modeled the business around even the smallest order for the most value. We are breaking away from the industry standards to fit your every need. 

Fits You is a company dedicated to meeting the customers needs down to every stitch, color, and fiber. We strive to create unique clothing at a competitive cost with no minimum requirements to be met. Our mission is to exceed your expectations while producing the most creative and valuable garments to promote your brand or business. We're ready to bring your designs to life! Please don't hesitate to send us a message! 



Clint was born and raised in the beautiful Town of Jupiter and is a 3rd Generation local! After graduating from Jupiter Christian School, he began his enlistment in the United States Marine Corps where he served for 8 years as a Forward Observer (FO), Paratrooper, M.C.I.W.S Instructor, and Joint Fires Observer (JFO). He was given the chance to go to many places around the world, including an all inclusive paid vacation to Iraq. He received an Honorable Discharge from the Marine Corps and attended College at FAU. Attending college for a short time gave him the realization that he still had the heart to "serve" the community and he left in order to enroll in the Law Enforcement Academy. Subsequently, he was hired by a Law Enforcement Agency where he served several years in many rolls (including the S.W.A.T. Team). 

Clint's dream for "FITS YOU" was to bring his selflessness and caring mindset to the business, and to bring "Fair Pricing" to our customers.

Dr. Michael

Dr. Scherb is a graduate of the University of Alabama School of Dentistry with a special award presented to him in restorative dentistry. He has practiced dentistry in the Jupiter area since 1989. He is a certified member of the American Dental Association, Florida Dental Association, and former president of the North Palm Beach County Dental Association.

Dr. Scherb has been a resident of Palm Beach County all his life. He has run a prominent and lucrative dental practice in Jupiter for 29 years and counting. He decided to come on board to dabble in a different industry while applying the same small business practices that has lead himself and his team to success. With his business leadership, expertise, and guidance, he is an invaluable asset to the Fits You Team. 


After leaving his pursuit of video production at Full Sail University, he set his curiosity on apparel design and production to which he found his love for clothing. Ashton has 10 years of merchandise and sales experience working with several brands. He started a printing company in Connecticut that allowed him to start working with educational nonprofits and NGO's helping and supporting Veterans.

He brings a new perspective and approach to printing within the design world. He is passionate and dedicated to his meticulous work, making a perfect fit for the Fits You Team. 


Joseph is a Jupiter local who was a practicing artist as a kid which landed him in the Palm Beach County art schools of MSOA (Bak Middle School of the Arts now) and Dreyfoos School of the Arts with a primary focus on drawing. He turned down art colleges to pursue his degree at UCF in which he graduated with a BSBA in Management and Entrepreneurship.

After graduating, he dove into the graphic design world using his passion for drawing to start a lifestyle clothing brand and event brand. Now having 7 years graphic design experience specializing in apparel, coupled with the clothing industry expertise, he has partnered with us to bring a refreshing look to our in-house design team while producing the best products for our customers.  


Ismael hails from the country of Spain. Ismael served in he Spanish Military and later became an Interpol Law Enforcement Officer for 20 years. He became a citizen of the United States and is currently a South Florida resident. He is a World Record holding sky diver and speaks 9 languages fluently. He is a successful business owner for 25 years in General Contracting. He is an integral part of the business being tasked with business development and procurement of large contracted printing jobs.