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Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a method in which ink is applied directly to the surface to be printed (substrate). The image to be printed is photographically transferred to a very fine fabric (the screen) such that the non-printing areas are blocked off and the fabric serves as a stencil. The ink is wiped across the screen to pass through the unblocked pores and reach the substrate. For each color to be printed a separate screen is prepared and the process is repeated.

 One color is printed at a time, so several screens can be used to produce a multicolored image or design depending on how many colors are required for each image.

Equipment: Vastex V2000HD

The Vastex V2000HD Series of heavy-duty manual screen printing presses offers the screen printing professional an unequalled range of advanced capabilities that decrease set up time, improve registration accuracy and increase productivity. The V2000HD heavy duty print head allows the industry's fastest set-up and micro-registration.

What that means for you: Fits You has the best chance of minimizing your set up fees and overall costs of screen printing batches of products for you.  Which in turn means less time spent on your order; and the less time we spend on your order, the less money it costs you.  

Reasons to use Screen Printing:

  1. Creates unique and authentic outputs
  2. Cost-efficient with larger volume orders
  3. Versatility of design placement
  4. Ideal for simple designs with limited colors
  5. One design per batch order